Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

I just really wanted to shoot the milky way, so I spontaneously decided we should go see it last weekend! I also heard that Anza-Borrego has a crazy super bloom this year, so I figured we can see both!

Summer is usually the best time to see the milky way, because you can see more of it at an earlier time of the night. In April, the milky way doesn't come out until around 4am, so we started driving at midnight hoping to catch it and we did! Unfortunately, I am still new at this and we started a little late (as you can see the sun started to rise!), so the pictures weren't the greatest, but I definitely enjoyed it. Gotta do more this summer!

The superbloom! I heard that last week was the peak week but I couldn't make it there. We still saw a lot of desert wild flowers everywhere, which was very nice. I recently bought this macro lens, and I got to try it out! I have to say, this new lens was FANTASTIC! The images are just so crisp, can't wait to explore this lens more~