Day 13 - La Paz

We took a bus from Oruro to La Paz, and here we are! The highest capital in the world! Almost 12,000 feet or 3650 meters. We originally wanted to go to the Toro Toro National Park before heading to La Paz, but we didn't have enough time. The Toro Toro National Park is known for their dinosaurs tracks, and all the stone formations are just amazing. You can totally imagine the place with dinosaurs! Anyways, La Paz is quite a unique city due to its geological feature, and it is recently named the New7WonderCities. The city is sitting in a bowl, surrounded by mountains, and as you can see from the picture above, the city just expanded outwards, having been built on the mountains. Interestingly, the altitude of the areas reflects the social class of the people who live there. The lower areas of the city are the more affluent areas. 

The city is not too big, therefore you can get to most tourist attractions on foot. We went to Plaza Murillo, Iglesia de San Francisco, some more cathedrals, some museums, and the witches' market (La Hechiceria). The witches' market is mainly for tourist, and it is a great place for getting souvenirs! I love those aguayo! It is a multi-colored cloth that native people use for table cloth, baby sling, bindle, etc., very versatile! I bought a couple for friends and family, thinking that it can be used as table cloth. 

There are 2 other places that we didn't have time to go, Valle de la Luna and Yungas Road (The death road). The death road is legendary for its danger and it is known to be the world's most dangerous road. It has attracted a lot of mountain bikers for downhill biking. For people who want to go to northern Bolivia for the amazon forest, this is one of the few routes that leads there on land. 

Last thing we did in La Paz was the teleferico (Cable cars). The city goes up, when it moves away from the center, so it is a very smart idea to  build the cable car for commuting! As a tourist, we just want to take it so that we can see the night view of the city from up high, and there's definitely no other city like this!