My first night in Paris

My plane landed at around 4pm, and I headed straight to the airbnb to put down all my stuff. The subway system is so convenient, it only took me an hour from the airport to the airbnb next to the République metro station. The week-long pass for unlimited metro access is only 22.5, which is totally worth it for me because I made a million stops a day to go to different places. 

I found an amazing deal on airbnb, it only costs me USD 217 for 6 nights! You have your own private room with a shower in the corner, but the toilet is shared (I believe that's a French thing to separate shower and toilet). The only complaint is that you would have to walk up to the 6th floor every day to your room. It wasn't easy for me to walk up or down those stairs with my 20 kg luggage, definitely a work out. That being said, can't complain much because of this amazing price. 

After I dropped off my stuff (I did bring a lot of clothes because I was too excited to be able to utilize my winter closet finally after being in LA for so long), I walked around the neighborhood. I was trying to enjoy the chilly weather and of course the Parisian atmosphere. First thing I did was to find a bakery and get a croissant! And of course it was délicieux! I saw the US grocery store, which I don't understand why would you need it when you have French stuff. Anyways. 

While I was walking around the neighborhood, I was also searching for my first meal in Paris, and I found a cute little place with a decent number of people inside (it's always a good indication). So, I went in, and I did not understand the menu very well, but the waitress was very nice and explained the menu to me. There were only 3 main courses on the menu: salmon, chicken breast, and veal. I didn't feel like salmon and veal, so I went for the chicken breast. I never like chicken breast because it's often very dry. BUT, this dish was amazing! That got to be the best chicken breast I have ever had, juicy and tender. The fingerling potatoes were very tasty as well. The dish was pipping hot when it was brought to the table, and it was really good. Definitely can't find anything like this in America if I were to walk into a random restaurant I found on the street. 

I went back to the airbnb right after to get a good night sleep before my adventure the next day. I definitely had a good impression of Paris so far, and couldn't wait to explore more.