Food Indulgence in Paris

This is my last post on Paris and of course it is about F-O-O-D! Since I saved so much money on the plane ticket and accommodation, I indulged myself on some fancy food here in Paris. 

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (2 Michelin Stars)

It is very close to Musée d'Orsay, perfect lunch spot after visiting the museum. I ordered a ceviche, scallop dish and souffle for dessert. They are all great, but the most memorable dish was actually the mashed potato that came with the scallop. That is definitely the most delicious mashed potato I have ever tasted in my life, and I think it's going to be hard to beat. Sometimes it is the simple things that's hard to execute well. It was so smooth, very well seasoned and I don't know, just tasted damn good. This is obviously a pricey place, and that's why I chose to go for lunch, but the food is delicious. 

Shang Palace (1 Michelin Star)

I chose this place to go because I was curious what a michelin star Chinese place tastes like in Paris. I was there for a set dinner, and it was definitely too much food for one person. This is the sad part about travelling alone. As a Chinese, this place is pretty good and they definitely use very good ingredients. However, you really don't need to pay that much for good Chinese food (maybe you do in Paris?). 

L'Agapé (1 Michelin Star)

This is a place I would recommend to everyone. I felt like I got more than I paid for, definitely a bargain. It was €99 for the "surprise me" menu (and you don't have to tip here lol), and it 6-7 courses! Every single course was a pleasant surprise! The "meat" courses include seared tuna, scallop, pigeon and sea bass. Every single one was amazing. I, in particular, like the sea bass, it absolutely blew my mind. I still remembered the pigeon was a little red for me, but turned out it was very well cooked, and the scalloped potato it came with was no ordinary. Very well layered, perfectly cooked potato, slightly sweetened with quince and crunchy nuts on top, and as I said before, it's the simple things that surprises you (or maybe I just really like potatoes?).  

Note: Although the food was amazing, these restaurants tend to take up a little more time, so if you have a tight schedule, that might be a little hard for you to try these places. Besides these fancy restaurants, food in Paris is generally above average, so don't worry about trying a particular restaurant. Sometimes, the restaurant you stumbled upon on the side street might surprise you.