Musée Rodin

This museum is a small museum that is dedicated to the works of the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. Some of the more significant works, including The Thinker, The Kiss and The Gates of Hell can be seen here. At the back of the museum is a very beautiful garden, decorated with sculptures as well.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Another beautiful garden in Paris. It is basically the garden of the Luxembourg Palace created in 1612. The garden is owned by the French Senate right now, which meets in the Palace. I have noticed by now that the French like to put a bunch of loose chairs around the garden for people to sit. What's interesting about it is that I am more used to gardens with benches in fixed locations, and I think this is a clever ideas because people can move and rearrange the seatings however they want.

Catacombes de Paris

This is the creepiest thing that I have ever seen. The catacombs are underground ossuaries in Paris, which contain the bones of over six million people in a small ancient tunnel network. Since it is not tourist season, there were hardly any people in it, which made it so much creepier. Thousands of bones arranged in an orderly manner in a very dimly lit underground tunnel, gave me chills just thinking about it!

Musée Picasso

This is definitely the most extensive collection I have ever seen of Picasso's. Although I don't always understand his art, I really enjoyed this museum. There are some works that I have never seen and it shows paintings from all the different periods. This museum definitely broadened my knowledge of his works. Highly Recommend!

This concludes my last day in Paris. There is still so much to see in Paris, including the other 120 museums that I didn't go to (lol). But I think I have experienced Paris enough to say it is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever been. Definitely the most romantic, need to come back with guai lo next time.