LACMA - The Rain Room


This is the latest "hot" thing in LA. The first time the exhibition was open, the tickets were sold so quickly and some people were selling their tickets on craigslist for $200 because a lot of people want to go! I thought it was cool, but I was not gonna pay that much for a couple minutes of rain. 

A couple months later, guess what?! They extended the exhibition and I got the ticket this time! Just $15 for the rain room plus $17 for general admission. The Rain Room was founded in 2005, and it's basically creating an immersive environment of falling water around you. Wherever a human body is detected, the rain pauses in that spot. The installation gives the visitors an experience of controlling the rain and feeling the rain without getting wet. 

Only 15 people are allowed into the room at a time, and only 9 people can go into the rain at a time. Although they tried to limit the number of people, that's still too many people! Sometimes, there's absolutely no rain around me! Overall, it was a very cool experience, and I am hoping that they will make this a permanent exhibition, so that I can go there again and have more time to enjoy this.