Thailand Trip Day 4 - We are in Bangkok!!!

Oh God. March is ending soon and yet this is my first entry...... shame on me! I was incredibly busy for the past month, so forgive me! Anyways, so we took an early flight that morning to Bangkok from Chiang-Mai! After checking-in with the hotel, we met up with a friend for lunch. We stayed at a really nice hotel because it is so cheap in Thailand to do so, which is actually so far away from the downtown area, so I really regretted that decision. It's just we never get to stay in nice hotels, therefore I thought we should do that for a change because it's so cheap! Wrong decision! Hostels are always better! Usually in better location, and with more information on tours and sightseeing. 

After lunch, we didn't have much time left for today. We went to the Wat Saket (Golden Mountain). There is quite a bit of steps to reach the top, and you can see a very nice view of the area from the top.

One last stop for today is the Wat Pho or the Temple of Reclining Buddha. It is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. The Reclining Buddha is HUGE! The figure is 15m high and 46m long, and it is one of the largest Buddha in Thailand. There are also different buildings in the complex, and they are all incredibly beautiful.

We were not very productive today and it is already night time! We went to the "rice street" for authentic Thai street food, and you can see they are everywhere!! Cheap and delicious!! After dinner, we had a nice long Thai foot massage! It was such a great treat after an entire day of walking. We have planned a lot for tomorrow because we only have 1.5 days left in Bangkok, and there is a lot to see!