My favorite city in the US - New York, New York


I live in Los Angeles, California. When I say that, a lot of people would give me this envious look. California is known for its great weather, the beaches, diverse culture and great food. However, my favorite city is definitely New York. It is such a vibrant city with equally diverse culture and great food, and on top of that, it also has a fantastic public transportation system and something I have always wanted to experience, four distinct seasons. I might not be able to live in this city, but I got a chance to pay a short visit in late September before I start my new job. 

This is my second time to the big apple, and it's true that I was not as excited as my first time, but I still love being in the city. Maybe that's because it reminded me of home. So, what is there to see or do or eat in New York? I am going to give you my take on a 5-day New York trip itinerary, which includes all the must-go places in order to get a feel for the city.