Name: Jesmine Cheung
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles
Hometown: Hong Kong


I love travel. I just started travelling in 2012 and I still have a long way to go. It is currently very difficult with the limited time I have and limited money, but I am trying! I would like to record and share all my experiences with you guys about all my adventures!


I love food. I love to explore restaurants around Los Angeles. I have a pretty broad palate. I love Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, French, Italian (one of my favorite), Spanish,  etc. You name it! As long as the food is good. Unfortunately I am based in LA, so most restaurants discussion will be mainly in LA, but I do travel, so occasionally, there will be restaurants recommendations in other cities. 


I am pretty picky with food, and that is probably one of the reasons I cook, as I cannot stand eating food that is not good! I want to look forward to eat, and enjoy the food. Food to me is not just a biological requirement to keep me alive, it is psychological!  I love cooking and I like to transform the ingredients into delicious food. Since I cook quite a bit, I do share recipes I found that are good.