Lo/Cal - My new favorite Coffee place


This is officially my new favorite coffee place around the west side. Last week, after the dentist appointment, we were here again! It is located in Santa Monica, and they have amazing Cortado. I like stronger coffee, so I prefer Cortado, but their Cappuccino is just as good. 


Coffee is certainly the most important thing in a coffee shop, but the pastries are very important as well. We usually don't eat before dentist appointment, and we were starving when we got there. I love their huckleberry donuts with maple brown butter glaze, and it comes with the donut hole as well. The huckleberry gave a little acidity to the sweetness of the glaze, and it was delicious. Oh man, I love me some caffeine and sugar in the morning. Their croissant is very good as well, look at the picture, it's so flaky! Nothing is worse than a bready croissant.