Class 302 - Best shaved ice in LA!

Last weekend, I was driving from east LA back to west LA. While on the freeway, you know what I saw? The thermometer in my car said that it's 107F (42C) outside!!!!!! It is the middle of October, and it is freaking hot here in LA!!!! Who says global warming isn't true? What should one do to tackle this crazy weather? Ice cream? Boba? I have a better idea, how about shaved ice? 
Class 302 definitely has the best shaved ice in LA. It is sooooooooooo good that I really won't go anywhere else for shaved ice despite the long drive! It has two locations in LA (Cerritos and Hacienda Heights) and one in Irvine. The theme of this place is like a school/classroom theme. The waiters/waitresses dress in school uniforms, the tables are like desks, and there are blackboards with menus written in chalks...... the whole place makes you feel like you are back to school!! 
Their food is very good also, I especially like their bento boxes and dry noodles, as well as the appetizers/Taiwan street food. I didn't go there for dinner this time, I literally went there just for the shaved ice, although I did end up ordering the popcorn chicken too :P, which by the way, is very delicious! Crispy but not greasy, topped with some chili powder and fried basil! There are two kinds of shaved ice, water-based and milk-based. Water-based is basically crushed ice with syrup over it and some toppings (Japanese style). Milk-based, also called snowflake shaved ice, is from Taiwan. The ice block itself is infused with condensed milk and flavors, and the ice is then shaved using a special machine to create these fluffy layers (really! look at the pictures below!!!), which almost tastes like ice cream but lighter. 
My favorite shaved ice in this place is the mango and the green tea red bean. The green tea one has very strong tea flavor, a tiny bit bitter but balanced so well with the sweetness from the red bean topping. The mango flavor is just so refreshing. Almost every time, I have to struggle between the two! It is pretty big for one person, so it's advisory to share between 2-4 people. Inside the shaved ice, it has a little surprise as you eat, and you will find almond tofu in the middle. Also, there are these mochi balls as toppings, which I love. They are so chewy, and it adds more fun when you are having the shaved ice. I was literally having some chills towards the end of this dessert! So if you are looking for ways to cool down on a hot summer day (it's October, but it's still summer weather.... unbelievable), this would definitely be a yummy way to cool down!