Bencotto Kitchen - Little Italy San Diego

Guai lo wanted to go to San Diego to hang out with his cousins, and how can I not use this opportunity to try some good food around the area? How about some Italian food in little Italy?
have been eyeing this restaurant for a while, and finally got around to trying this place! It's a cute little restaurant with pretty modern d├ęcor and all the pasta here is home-made! I have to say, home-made pasta is just a basic criteria for a good Italian place, right? We ordered a lot of dishes, honestly too much, but they are all so delicious! Most of our selections were from the specials menu, and I am trying my best to remember what they are.

Truffle Ricotta Parmesan Souffle, with mushroom cream sauce
ried Zucchini blossom
Cured Meat Platter
ggplant Parmesan

Main course:
Crab Ravioli with Lobster sauce
quid Ink Striped Pasta with prosecco cream sauce
quid Ink Fettucine with shrimp and lobster

Desserts (I can't believe I forgot to take pictures!):
istachio Semifreddo with cherry coulis
lmond Semifreddo with chocolate sauce

My favorite appetizer is the fried zucchini blossom, it's light, simple but tasty. My favorite main course is the squid ink fettucine, the sauce has a very slight spiciness to it, and it paired really well with the seafood. Pasta is al dente and fresh. Last but not least, drumroll please....... SEMIFREDDO!!! It's definitely a rare find in the Italian restaurants in the US, and I finally found it! And it's absolutely amazing. It's kind of like the perfect medium of mousse and ice-cream.
o conclude, this is probably one of the best Italian restaurants I have been to recently, and I strongly recommend this place to all of you foodies!! Forgot to mention, service was excellent as well!