Gregoire - Berkeley

This was my favorite sandwich place, and still is, but it's just I am  not in the area anymore.... It is a cute little French-inspired gourmet sandwich place. They have two locations: one in Berkeley and the other in Oakland. Every month, it is a dining adventure in Gregoire because the menu changes every month. I still remember I used to check out the menu every month to see if there was anything I wanted to try. 
On the menu, they usually would have one salad and one soup. For the sandwiches, they have one or two vegetarian, one or two seafood, one chicken, one beef, one pork and one lamb. They create different sandwiches every month around these meat options. Depending on the ingredients, they match it with different bread, like pantofolina, dutch crunch, french roll, ciabatta, etc. Definitely a high-end sandwich experience. 
I have never been disappointed with their sandwiches. On that day, we ordered Scallop & lime ceviche with taro chips & avocado on Dutch crunch. We weren't too hungry, so we picked something light. Bread was crunchy outside, soft inside, the lime added some acidity to the scallop, and the taro chips added some crunchy texture to the sandwich. It was delicious. One other sandwich that we didn't order but I have tried before is the fried buttermilk chicken filet with spicy cole slaw on a French roll. The chicken was crispy but still juicy inside, and the spicy cole slaw gave it a little moisture and kick to the taste. It seems like this is always on the menu now, so I am guessing it is so popular that they decided to keep it on the menu. 
One thing that you absolutely cannot miss, which is the potato puffs!!!! It is soooooooooooooo good. Perfectly seasoned and fried, with the homemade aioli. It might seem very simple, but it is the best potato puff I have ever tasted. The fries are good too, but honestly, I prefer the potato puffs. 
They offer desserts too. And I have only tried "the fold", and it was good. Very flaky, and the portion is just right after a delicious sandwich meal. They also have dinner, and just started serving breakfast too. I have tried dinner once a couple years ago, and it is good. But it is a little pricey in my opinion, and also I have noticed that they have raised the price since I was last here :( It used to be mostly under $10 for sandwiches, now it's more like $11.50 to $12. Story of my life: Cost of living keeps increasing, and salary stays the same lol.